Children?s Miserable Life in Poorest Nations

Many children are living a miserable life in poorest countries. Living conditions are deteriorating at an alarming rate. Many find it hard to access to enough food, clean water, and medical care. Furthermore, they suffer from diseases like malaria or HIV/AIDS and physical abuse.


Maissara Chaharmane, the head of the Domoni Therapeutic Nutrition Centre, said that malnutrition in Union of the Comoros is mostly due to lack of knowledge. Over 42% of Comorian children from five years old downward suffer from chronic malnutrition. Just one small percentage of babies is breastfed. Comoros is one of the world’s poorest countries. Its real GDP expansion was low, 1.9% in 2004.


Union of the Comoros (GDP – per capita: $ 600)


Malaria causes more deaths annually in Niger. 50% deaths among children under five are caused by malaria. This landlocked country in Western Africa has the lowest Human Development Index on Earth. Famine struck the Sahel from June to August 2010. 350,000 faced starvation and 1,200,000 were at risk of famine


Niger (GDP – per capita: $ 700)


Zimbabwe introduced a new Z$ 100 trillion banknote in January 2009 due to its runaway inflation. Along with widespread poverty and HIV/AIDS, this landlocked country faces high unemployment, political violence, and a heavily lacking infrastructure. The children of Zimbabwe have fallen through the cracks from colonialism and civil war.


Republic of Zimbabwe (GDP – per capita: $ 500)


Conditions for children in Somalia are deteriorating at an alarming rate. The numbers of malnourished children are growing as a result of crop failures, severe drought, hyperinflation, and rising food prices. Displaced children can not access to enough clean water, food, and medical care. Children are vulnerable to exploitation and physical abuse.


Republic of Somalia (GDP –per capita: $ 600)


Republic of Liberia is one of the ten poorest nations across the globe. Its external debt surpasses its GDP. This country suffers from poor economic performance with decline in the export of commodities and the flight of many investors and lack of infrastructure.


Republic of Liberia (GDP – per capita: $ 500)


Median life expectancy in Guinea-Bissau is around 47 years. This country face many big problems including steadily increasing HIV/AIDS with 10% of adults infected. In addition, the infant mortality rate of this West Africa nation is very high, around 108.72 per 1000 new-born babies. Along with Human Development Index, its GDP per capita is one of the lowest in the world. Over two-thirds of the population lives below the poverty line.


Guinea-Bissau (GDP – per capita: $ 600)



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