College Literature Paper

Most academic institutions provide students with college literature papers which usually carry a large amount of marks. These literature papers are often accompanied with a strict deadline which in return limit the student’s research time. The writing of the literature papers therefore becomes tricky and some students are forced to seek help and assistance from online literature paper writing companies or even buying ready literature papers. Literature is defined as the art of written works. To impress the professor in any literature paper, first make certain to follow the directions of the professor just as stated.

One should ensure adhering to the length requirements- no more any less. If one has to select the topic, then pick one that is of particular interest to the professor. Next, one has to ensure that they read the literature fully not just skimming or scanning through it. This will enable one to make a report that has strong evidence based on the literature. When writing the paper, one should explore the different angles of the topic hence making the report thorough and more comprehensive. The general format is double-spaced paragraphs, use of 12 pt Times New Roman style and a 1 inch margin on all sides. The building blocks in the literature paper writing include grammar.

In grammar, one must ensure the use of right word choice by avoiding colloquialisms, stock phrases, contractions and unnecessary jargon in formal writing. One should strive for clarity not fancy language. Avoid words like ‘clearly’, ‘obviously’ as these are likely to tell the reader what follows is unclear and confusing. One must identify words that are only presented in full and can’t be modified by adjectives of degree like equal, unique, universal etc instead use their synonyms i.e. similar, unusual and widespread. Next one has to avoid writing in the passive voice. When using quotations, always use quotations in literature papers where it is important and where one intends to explain why not because one thinks that the author is clearer than them.

Learn to avoid parenthesis by leaving it out or providing it as a footnote. All elements in the list must be presented in the same way and without shifting the verb tense or verb point of view for clear parallelism. In addition, one must always look out for subject/verb agreement as well as noun/pronoun agreement, especially when trying to write a gender –neutral voice. Always refer to persons using who or whom not which and use that to introduce information that defines the subject of that part of the sentence. Lastly, prepositions don’t end a sentence instead rewrite the sentence to avoid this construction. The second building block for writing college literature papers is vocabulary by ensuring that one is fully aware of the professors’ expectations.

Moreover, the use of discipline-specific vocabulary must be enhanced in order to allow participation in the market place of ideas. One must also learn to identify questions that dominate the lecture or that make them want to listen or questions that prompt one to construct informed argument in response. In addition, one must identify the goals of literature writing which include seeking the truth, arguing a point, proposing solutions, deepening insights as well as clarifying a theory or challenging conventional wisdom. Plagiarism must be avoided.