Kindle Ebook Reader Experience Comfort While You Read

Have your way in reading with the new kindle ebook reader. You can do almost everything with this kindle ebook reader. You can carry all the books that you want and all the documents that you need with this device. Because it is only 8.7 ounces light and has a sleek design, it does not give you any hassle when you carry it. Amazingly, it can store up to 3,500 books. You can get books with just one press of a button because Kindle store offers you a wide selection of books. The store contains books that most people read. It also includes other reading materials. It has magazines such as New York Times and Best Sellers. Getting books then is no longer a problem. You can download the books in less than 60 seconds.

The Enhanced PDF Reader includes dictionary look up,notes and highlights. Knowing the meaning of a word in the book you are reading is no longer a problem. You just have to put the cursor on the word and it will easily be defined for you at the bottom of your screen. Reading is not interrupted then. Research can also be done anywhere and anytime with this kindle ebook reader because it has a buit-in encyclopedia.

This kindle ebook reader has new crisper and darker fonts. With the high resolution and high contrast screen, text and images are very sharp. The kindle ebook reader uses no backlighting. With this, no glare is produced even when reading under a bright light. Reading is also customized in this kindle ebook reader as it gives you the option to zoom images. Reading the text can be done according to your preference. You may read text in landscape or in portrait mode. You can also set the font style and font size that you want. Kindle ebook reader has three font choices, Caecilia font, a condensed version of Caecilia and a sans serif option.

Reading is seamless because it has 20% faster page turns. Kindle ebook reader is also easy to use. The keyboard allows you to search within a book, across your library in the kindle store or even in the web easily. All you have to do is just type the word or phrase that you are looking for and kindle immediately finds every instance in your book or in your library.

Kindle ebook reader is the perfect piece for your reading.