Loan Feature with Amazon’s Kindle

Sharing of data between Kindle users will soon be possible as Amazon planned on the realization of this project. Like Barnes and Noble’s Nook books, Kindle book have a credit period and can only spend time within 14 days.


I love sharing my books to others especially to those who have the same taste of book type as mine. It is fun to share and discuss books with people around you by sharing it. But it is really disappointing that I could not do this with my Kindle. You have to buy the hard back version to be able to share your favorite books.


Though it doesn’t allow borrowing or what we call lending rights, the improvement is in the right track. Whoever owns the right of a certain book, it’s up to him to decide on the lending rights. Because of e-book price-war, the publishers are now thinking of allowing lending capabilities.


Speaking of borrowing books, I would like to see more progress in allowing Kindle e-books for review in libraries. Contrary to popular belief, libraries are at the forefront of emerging technology and trends of digitization. Many libraries are buying Kindle to provide their customers use, and that the system has shown signs of success. Kindle has now its own copyright format of electronic book that is why from now on it cannot be used in any other device aside from Kindle. Other e-readers are open-book format that allows electronic books to work in libraries.


If Kindle books were available to visit libraries, I think it would increase sales of the device itself. It would also reach a wider range of readers who have not had the opportunity to learn or explore the idea of using an e-reader.


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