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Loan Feature with Amazon’s Kindle

Sharing of data between Kindle users will soon be possible as Amazon planned on the realization of this project. Like Barnes and Noble’s Nook books, Kindle book have a credit period and can only spend time within 14 days.   I love sharing my books to others especially to those who have the same taste

Sony vs. Amazon’s Kindle 2

In 2010, eBook Reader, if you are looking for high quality, there are many ships to choose from. Is the Kindle 2 of its wide selection of books available, the Sony Reader from Sony with the Sony quality always brings to the table, and Barnes & Noble, the Nook has a wide range of books

Amazon’s Kindle

Amazon’s Kindle, introduced in 2007, is an electronic book reader. It is used to search for and download books, and display pages on its six-inch screen. It is very lightweight and is therefore portable. Holding it is like holding a thin magazine, and reading its crisp, clear, black-and-white text makes for an easy, very comfortable