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Persian Fiction

Mort Shahmir has been painting in watercolor, acrylic, oil, and mixed media for many years. However, in the past twenty years Mort has chosen digital technology as his favorite medium. Creating all his works exclusively in the abstract art genre, Mort Shahmir draws his inspirations from nature, which he immensely loves. Mort constantly searches for

The Golden Age Of Pulp Fiction Magazines

Frank was clever in many ways. Instead of using the high priced slick paper that other publishers used, he produced his magazines with cheap pulp scraps. This enabled a reach to a much wider audience because almost anyone could afford to pick up a copy of the next great story! He also allowed virtually unknown

Early Science Fiction On The Airwaves

Science Fiction in Radio Some would argue that Science Fiction is as old as civilization itself as humans gazed up to the stars and wondered, “what if…” Juvenile Serials of the 1930s The first science fiction old time radio shows were primary adventure serial shows intended for juveniles co-opted with a scientific theme, most notably

The Popular Urdu Fiction Stories By Umera Ahmed

The Urdu popular fiction is blessed to have writers like Umera Ahmed. In Pakistan, the penetration of the popular fiction among the masses is not much. Nevertheless, it is not less either. Especially the Urdu popular fiction extends beyond the urban population. Of course, the English popular fiction is read among the city dwellers only.

Mandarin Studies As Depicted By Science Fiction

Learning Mandarin is an epic journey. One of my favorite songs is a cheesy Swedish pop song that I am listening right now. The tune is about a guy confessing his love for a girl and the chorus roughly translates into: I am your destiny calling. Right now I am sitting in my flat in

Historical Fiction and Telling Jokes Considered

Not all jokes are timeless, jokes that were told in different eras in history, with different uses of the words, and different cultures can easily get lost in translation. For someone writing historical fiction they need to make sure that the jokes that they are telling in the book are authentic, but they have to