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Saving Money on Books With Amazon Kindle EBook Reader – An Honest Review From an Everyday Shopper

I’m an active reader, no doubt about it. I love to read books by myself or with my children any time I get a chance to, which is actually more often than you may think. I bought a Kindle a little while ago as a way to save some hassle in the morning that comes

Fact Or Fiction? You Can Make a Lot of Money With eBooks

Not that long ago I received an e-mail from a fellow living in Australia. He wanted to know if it was really possible to make money with eBooks. Looking at this question from his perspective, it’s easy to understand why someone might be skeptical. Every day we’re bombarded with all kinds of business opportunities. Many

Save Money On College Books

One of the most costly areas of attending college looks like it’s the price of the text books these days. Since most schools only use a specific book for a couple of years it is rather difficult to invest in them before hand. But there are a few very good methods for you to get

Teens Making Money on the Internet

Some of us are behind on credit card payments, mortgages and loans. Not to mention our monthly expenses; such as our car insurance, car notes, Internet, cell phones, rent, electricity and food to put on the table for our families. Since the invention of computers, some of us have been spending countless hours on the