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Online Fiction Books: more reality through single click

  People love to be closer towards the reality more than that of being closer to the fictitious life. And that is why the readership of the non fiction books are growing day by day. Non fiction books are far away from the unnecessary fabrication. Characters of the stories, events and places mentioned in this

Non Fiction Book Review on a Reality Check Topic in Our Society

Many folks are upset at bogus science that is used by policy makers and politicians to justify their decisions. And a good many are upset that even our colleges and university research departments are paid by industry and subsidized by the government only to come up with results that are desired by those that are

Robots of Fiction and Reality

The Thin Line of Technology and Reality As any science fiction reader would know, there are a lot of discrepancies between what reality is and what is only in fiction. As science fiction is the branch of literature that delves most into what the future holds for us, science fiction stories serve as an intellectual

Non fiction books: Be closer to the reality

Non fiction books are the narrative creation by the author who tries to document his subject in the manner which could seem as the facts to the readers. The author who writes non fiction books try to incorporate some of his/ her personal accounts or experiences into the books whichever they are going to write.