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ROMANTIC BOOKS ONLINE ? romance at the label of words

Love one word that we all as human need and that too in a very pure manner may be the way of loving is different but the want of love is undeniable. That is like a basic necessity of every one life and without that life may stop. This is like one common trait or

My Romance With Mount Hamiguitan Range

The Mt. Hamiguitan Range (MHR) lies a-straddling the municipalities of San Isidro, Gov. Generoso, and Mati in the province of Davao Oriental. It has total land coverage of 17,400 hectares that are characterized by different ecosystems. There is an agricultural ecosystem at 50-300 masl; dipterocarp, montane, mossy and mossy-pygmy forest at various altitudinal levels up

Tracing The Roots Of Romance

During the 1100s, the medieval French began to look at relationships and marriages more as a bond of love rather than a business relationship. As dating and courtship became well accepted by the society, romance stories came into being. The earliest romance stories were ballads sung by balladeers who sung about courtly love. As they

How To Achieve Romance In Retirement

It’s an ironic fact that when you are young or newly married, you aspire after romance but time contraint does not enable you to do so. Career, child-bearing, household work do make up a large proportion of your time. When you enter the retirement age, you have much idle time but less desire for romance.

Nora Roberts ? The Romance Queen!

Nora Roberts, the first inductee in the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame, is one of the goddesses of modern romance. Most authors have inspirational tales behind how they got introduced to writing, but what drove Nora Roberts to write was sheer boredom. What started off as a means to wile away time when

Let Soft Silk Scarf Witness Your Romance

The 2011 Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Basking in the soft spring breeze, hearts of young lovers seem to dissolve in the romantic atmosphere of such a festival. But there is a problem racking the brains of both boys and girls – valentine gifts. In such a romantic day, girls will wonder what kind of