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Get Kids Interested in Science with These 6 Fun Toys

How we educate our children at a young age will help determine their interests as they grow. By introducing science to them at an early age with fun and educational toys from stores like Buy.com and Edmund Scientific, you can get them interested in science and help them build a foundation for learning that will

Getting Kids Interested in Science – 40 Years of Bringing Science to Life in The Classroom

In 1961, John F. Kennedy famously beckoned the American people to journey into space and reach the moon by decade’s end. Both challenged and encouraged by our young president’s infectious and visionary attitude – the country heeded his call. It was a monumental accomplishment that galvanized the nation’s fascination with science and technology and inspired

Early Science Fiction On The Airwaves

Science Fiction in Radio Some would argue that Science Fiction is as old as civilization itself as humans gazed up to the stars and wondered, “what if…” Juvenile Serials of the 1930s The first science fiction old time radio shows were primary adventure serial shows intended for juveniles co-opted with a scientific theme, most notably

The Art and Science of Self Improvement

According to a Marketdata Enterprises market report, the U.S. self-improvement market is worth $ 9.6 Billion. No doubt it is a huge industry. So huge in fact that it is easy for the neophyte and even for the long time adept to get lost in it. Most everyone interested in self-development is looking for the

Mandarin Studies As Depicted By Science Fiction

Learning Mandarin is an epic journey. One of my favorite songs is a cheesy Swedish pop song that I am listening right now. The tune is about a guy confessing his love for a girl and the chorus roughly translates into: I am your destiny calling. Right now I am sitting in my flat in

Influence – Science and Practice

Robert Cialdini’s book is all about “click, whirr” – how we’re programmed as humans, how marketing can leverage the programming, and how as individuals we can overcome the programming. The six major influence techniques that he explains are: 1. Reciprocation: We feel indebted to people who gives us something of value. For example, when someone