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Should I Self-Publish My Non-Fiction Book? Or is a Mainstream Publisher Better?

Writers often ask: “Should I self-publish my non-fiction book or is a mainstream publisher better?” It often helps to write a marketing plan for your book before you make a final decision. This isn’t as complex as it sounds. Basically, you are establishing who your target readers are, why they would want to buy your

What Every Author of Childrens’ Books Should Know – Top Tips For Success

When writing a story for toddlers it is important to take a moment to try and think like a child. Try to understand from their perspective the type of story they would want to hear and the type of book that would capture their imagination. A toddler needs a story that will engage them and

How Authors Should View Their Literature As a Business

As authors, especially fiction writers, we have two businesses to do, which causes some problems. Many of us spend so much time working on the books that we often fail to plan our literary careers. Many others tend to believe that once the book is written, it will get into stores, making them become famous

What Should Young Adults Do?

For once, let’s forget about the future. With the cases on making health coverage mandatory almost certainly heading for the Supreme Court, there’s little point is trying to second-guess how that’s all going to turn out. So here’s something on the right now for young adults. This makes you someone with very little money and