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Book Review: Time is of the Essence by Aldo Paredes

Science Fiction. Mystery. Crime. Intrigue. Conspiracy. Time is of the Essence by Aldo Paredes has it all. Disguised as a successful businessman in 1931, Aldric Cronique is a 2,000 year-old extra-terrestrial on a mission to record the history of life on Earth. In the midst of an interesting and eventful life, chronicling historical events as

Greatest children?s movies of all time

The Lion King, Bambi, Toy Story, or Shrek are very popular with not only children but also movie-goers. They are the greatest movies of all time. Let’s have a closer look at the list of cartoon movies selected by The Telegraph.   Finding Nemo (2003) Finding Nemo is a computer-animated film produced by Pixar Animation

Romance books: Time to get romantic

Romance is the best thing of everyone’s life. Whenever a person falls in love he/she wanna rise in the department of romance. Todays youngsters are very smart and forward. They want to know how to get more romantic so to attract their partners. In the teenage, fellow people are a bit shy. They hesitate in

Fiction Books All Time Favourites

Book,it is said, are the true friends of mankind. And Cheap Fiction Books his or her bosom pals. It may be true that fact is stranger than fiction. But all the same its the imaginary stories covering a whole gamut of our lives from simple family life to travel to crime thrillers to romance and