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What Every Author of Childrens’ Books Should Know – Top Tips For Success

When writing a story for toddlers it is important to take a moment to try and think like a child. Try to understand from their perspective the type of story they would want to hear and the type of book that would capture their imagination. A toddler needs a story that will engage them and

Writing For Children – Tips For Grandparents Who Want to Write Children’s Books

If you’re a grandparent, chances are your darling grandchildren have inspired you to write many cute little stories related to some of the wonderful times you’ve had together. And, at some point, you’ll probably consider turning these stories into published books and you’ll hope to sell them to a children’s book publisher. That’s a wonderful

13 Back Cover Tips For Non-Fiction Soft-Cover Books

Book studies show that prospective readers spend about eight seconds looking at a book cover before deciding whether or not to buy. If the book is opened and table of contents and testimonials are read, chances are the book will be purchased. Therefore, how can you as the author, get your reader to pick up

Tips for Illustrating Children’s Books

Illustrations are mostly used in children’s books. This is because children are always fond of going through the colorful pages and enjoying the stories with the illustrations. Cartoon illustrations provide new faces to the characters in a story and the happiness that the little ones feel when their favorite characters are given shape and life